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Meditation Adventures

About Me

I began my own soul safari at 37 when overnight I transitioned from a happy wife, mum and magazine editor to a cancer patient. Diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer which, unlike other breast cancers still has no back up drug, I underwent a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and an oopherectomy. It turns out that I carry the BRCA1 gene mutation, which means an 80% chance of developing breast cancer. 

While I was in hospital recovering from one of my surgeries, a volunteer knocked on my door and offered me a meditation. It turned out to be my first and here’s what I saw: my healthy white cells were represented by men dressed in white hooded robes, standing sentinel and evenly spread throughout a room . Out of nowhere they were attacked by men in black-hooded robes. A ninja-style battle ensued with spin kicks and lasted for several moments. Eventually the white cells began to overcome the black and were victorious. I didn’t know if this was a future prediction but at that stage I was happy to take whatever I could get! 

After I finished my treatment, I took the advice of my oncologist and began yoga classes. Although I loved the yoga, my favourite part of the class was meditation so I took every opportunity to explore different practises. At this time I also booked my first psychic reading. I figured if anyone out there had any tips on how I could live a long and healthy life, I wanted to hear them! This reading changed everything for me: it gave me more evidence of spirit and I was told my life purpose: to walk with people and show them how to tap into their own truth, the part of them that is their soul. 

While cancer gave me a new lease of life, it had a different effect on my husband - my soul mate and best mate. Diagnosed with PTSD, he continued to distance himself from our family and our relationship until he finally moved interstate with a new partner. I was undergoing more major surgery at this time, and I had to draw upon the grounding cancer had given me  (at least I am still alive) and meditation to get through this next challenge in my life. Once again I had to step into trust that everything happens for a reason and patiently wait for the lessons of this latest drama to unfold.  

It has taken time and a lot of self work but today I feel ever grateful for all that cancer and my ex-husband have taught me and for the important role they have played in helping me grow so I could bring Soul Safaris to fruition. 

I have also experimented a lot with mindset. "I am the luckiest person in the world" is a mindset that has enabled me to ditch all worry and fear and live an existence so stress-free it actually feels like I am living in 'Heaven on Earth'.  It's an incredibly peaceful and easeful way to live and today I lead Soul Safaris walks and retreats to teach women - from those who have had a diagnosis of  cancer, to multiple-birth mums, women going through relationship break ups and busy corporate teams - how to live this experience.

It also brings me great joy to lead meditation sessions for high school students and young adults to help them overcome feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, so they can see the truth of their situation as they begin to find their way in the world.

By walking, talking, taking joy in the beauty of the planet we live on and by connecting to soul and each other, we can access our own place of inner beauty and knowing so that we may weather the storms and live the life we always intended to lead: one of happiness, success and growth. Why wait till we die to experience Heaven? Let's experience it right now.