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Meditation Adventures

Meditation therapy

Women's meditation and mindfulness workshop facilitated by Merryn.

Group Sessions

Meditation Therapy sessions for groups can be a fun and enjoyable way to explore relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and strengthen your connection . Feel the stress melt away as you dive deep into the colourful world of your soul in one of my guided visualisation meditations, channelled for you and your group.

Cost: Determined by size and nature of group.  

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Private Sessions

Every single one of us is wonderfully unique therefore your private meditation session will be tailored to suit you and your needs. Using my own visualisation meditation technique, I will gently guide you into your inner self - or soul - which holds the answers to your questions, the solutions to your challenges and it can also reveal your life  purpose. All any of us need to do for the perfect guidance is look within ourselves. 

Some of the reasons you may wish to book a meditation therapy session:

  • You or your child experience anxiety and depression
  • You or your child experience any health issue, including acne
  • You are post-cancer treatment
  • You or your child experience relationship issues with family or friends
  • You seek direction and guidance
  • Your child is demonstrating  behavioural issues
  • Your child is unhappy at school
  • You or your child experience separation anxiety

Adults $120 

Teens: $80

Children: $60

What they are saying

"We had 4 girls all in their 20’s, a couple struggling with depression. It was an incredible night and Merryn from Soul Safaris is just amazing with the girls. She really guided us and held us through the whole session. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"  - Laura Hamilton, Good Will Hunting Co.


"Merryn is truly wonderful with our young people. We highly recommend her. So far everyone who has attended her sessions said their mood has improved after meditation and 100% would recommend it to their friends," - Sarah Hogarth, Avalon Youth Hub