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what is a soul safari?


A Soul Safari is a mind-body-spirit workout in beautiful natural surrounds which combines exercise, mindfulness and meditation. You can choose to join me in some of the world's most beautiful locations, either on my two-hour weekly walks in Sydney, or my longer immersive retreats around the world.

Women who walk with me learn how to let go of feelings of anxiety and stress. During this process, I also teach them how to connect with their inner knowing so they are able to make the right choices whenever uncertainty arises. 

All walks are graded Easy to Moderate. They are a fun and enjoyable way to exercise at your own pace.  

I'm looking forward to welcoming you! 


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Customised Groups

8-Day France Retreat

8-Day France Retreat


Get your friends or colleagues together for a private group Soul Safari. I will create the perfect walk for you!

8-Day France Retreat

8-Day France Retreat

8-Day France Retreat

Beautiful chateau in Vendee, France.

Immerse yourself in French culture and unwind on daily walks with meditation in Vendee, Brittany  & the Loire Valley. 

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What people are saying

"Thank you so much Merryn for this beautiful relaxing walk & meditation today. It was sensational! I think I can remain at peace all day long.. Test will be when kids are back from school...." - Stephanie 😉 

"Thanks for a wonderful soul safari this morning. Great to be with lovely people who appreciate their surroundings and take some time out to be present to our wonderful scenery and beaches. Another day in paradise.......this has brought back my gratitude big time. Thank you Merryn!" - Kathy 😉 

"A great walk today with the spectacular that is South Curl Curl.. Always moving and every day different. A great reflection session today - influenced by this scene. Thank you Merryn - I am all the better for it!" - Kath ☀️😀 

"I want to thank you for the walks. I know it was your own time and energy that you so generously gave. You have helped me through some very difficult times. " - Trish

"Thank you so much for the beautiful and bountiful walk today. Superb day, wonderful women, and our beautiful grounding bushland. Can't wait for the next one." - H'ma